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Calabasas, CA Carpet Cleaning

For a superior Calabasas, CA carpet cleaning service that will leave you with a faster drying time and a cleaner, healthier home contact the specialists at A Blue Ribbon Chem-Dry. We benefit from a unique cleaning process that sets us apart from every other service in the cleaning market that is bound to leave you satisfied!

Calabasas, CA Carpet Cleaning Professionals


The Chem-Dry approach uses a percentage of the water than what a lot of Calabasas steam cleaners make use of. As opposed to relying on gallons of soapy water, the carbonating solution we make use of will enable the dry time for your carpets to be just a few hours, rather than a few days as you will uncover with quite a few of our competition. With such a quick drying carpet cleaning, you will not have to worry about mold or mildew development so your home will have the possibility to be healthier.


Our Hot Carbonating Extraction method utilizes the power of carbonation as a cleaning ingredient as an alternative to strong chemicals, soaps, or detergents. Not only will your carpets be cleaned on a deeper level, but you will not be left with brittle or gluey carpets after the scheduled visit. Crunchy or gooey carpet is the effect of a soil attracting deposit left behind by unforgiving cleaning tools. With A Blue Ribbon Chem-Dry your household will actually feel fresh and tidy!


Green Calabasas carpet cleaning is a concern for a great number of our customers. The principal cleaning solution that we work with at A Blue Ribbon Chem-Dry is green certified, safe, and non-toxic. With your safety and satisfaction in view, we have cleaning services geared in the direction of supporting allergy sufferers and clearing your residence of unsafe bacteria.

Chem-Dry offers you the best Calabasas, CA Carpet cleaning. Contact us today for an estimate! (818)881-1850