Specialty Stain Removal

Specialty Stain Removal

Stain removal is vital for keeping your home or office looking fresh, clean, and comfortable. As stains blemish your carpet or upholstery, the quality of your home is lessened. The professionals at Blue Ribbon Chem-Dry are equipped with the tools and techniques to remove, or minimize, just about any stain. With a variety of spot and stain removal solutions, depending on the cause and severity of the stain, we are successful in leaving our customers satisfied.

Specialty Stain RemovalYour best chance for removing a stain is to act as quickly as possible after the spot is made. The longer a spot sits on the carpet or upholstery, the harder it is to remove. While most stains can be removed, some require advanced technical skill and expert cleaning solutions. Chem-Dry leads the industry in products and solutions, helping you win the battle against tough stains.

Blue Ribbon Chem-Dry technicians are willing to take on any stain. We have had success removing spots such as, but not limited to:

Food Stain Removal

For example: berries, candy, honey, Jelly, and Ketchup

Beverage Stain Removal

For example: soda, juice, coffee, Kool-Aid, and wine

Other examples of difficult stains we've been able to improve include: nail polish, blood, marker, lipstick, rust, and throw-up. Every stain is unique in many ways, but our staff is ready to battle even the toughest of stains.

"If we can't get it out. No one can." Your Chem-Dry professional is prepared with tools to remove virtually any stain. Our technician will prepare an on-site evaluation for any stains and provide a no-obligation estimate.


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